Acupressure Magnet Belt Combo Kit tools AC-AMBC
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Acupressure Magnet Belt Combo Kit tools AC-AMBC

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Acupressure Magnet Belt Combo Kit tools AC-AMBC


Magnetic Back & Belly Belt  - Made by jeans with 12 magnets is useful for tying on the waist and abdomen.In this 9 magnets reduce the pain and at the same time it works in the back, as well, the magnet helps to operate the blood iron element of the body. According to the body's blood circulatory system provides the right speed and removes obstruction in the muscles and increases energy in the body, use the belt for 15-30 minutes daily. Indications: Increases blood flow to blood cells useful for backache, obesity and digestion and does not allow excessive calcium to accumulate on the blood vessel wall and dissolve it with body toxin. It improves digestive system
Magnet Knee Belt (Velvet) : Knee relaxes the pain immediately and makes a better grip on the knee and works with support on the knee with magnets. The knee belt, stitched in velvet fabric, is made in the shape of the knee itself, which covers the entire knee as the bowl is shaped. For knee care, use the Knee Belt Velvet Velvet Belt for 15 to 30 minutes daily in the morning and evening by washing the knee with water. This knee belt is beneficial in joint pain of knees, arthritis, swelling and reduction of grease in knee etc. These belts can be used by themselves. It is a completely natural treatment method. And it can be washed with water, it does not require any kind of caution. These belts energize the entire knee in the magnetic field for 30 minutes with magnetic power. And even after using it for a longer period of time, it works as a support. There is no harm from using more. Keep it away from the iron metal as the power of the magnet goes away and the power of the magnet gradually decreases
Magnet Cervical/Neck Belt (Velvet) - Cervical Problems, Comfortable, easy to wear, adjust with to fit Velcro closure. Use for 10 to 15 minutes daily morning and evening. Spondylitis, cervical and neck trouble. Stitched in velvet cloth, attractive color & easy to use. Note: Magnet of the cervical belt is to be placed on affected area.
Magnet Diabetes Belt (Deluxe) : Endocrine System Secretes hormones from endocrine glands directly into blood. Use this belt 15-30 minutes daily morning and evening. Place the magnetic portion over- Pancreas (for diabetes)- Liver (for liver disorders) - Stomach (for belly pain)- Solar plexus (for naval)  Pancreas, stomach and liver disorders. Easy to use. 
Magnet Thyroid Belt Tonsils Belt : This Belt is useful for all sorts of throat troubles. To be used for 30 to 60 minutes each time twice a day. like cough, inflammation, tonsil, pharyngitis, sore throat and thyroid glands. In acute case it can be used for whole night. This is complimentary to usual medical care.
Magnetic B P Belt (Rexine) :  Magnet B.P Belt must be worn till your B.P. normalises, Magnet B.P Belt can be worn for more than 24 hrs. for High Magnet B.P Belt  wear the belt on your right hand's (North pole-red ) wrist keeping the belt on your pulse&in low B.P. keep it in left wrist (South pole-Blue).

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