Acupressure Multi Massager Attachment -11 AC-902
Acupressure Multi Massager Attachment -11 AC-902
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Acupressure Multi Massager Attachment -11 AC-902

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Acupressure Multi Massager Attachment -11 AC-902


The Multi Massager is a unique device that produces deep, rhythmic, penetrating vibrations that stimulate blood circulation and activate the entire nervous system, meridians and energy points. Indications: Reduces mental and muscular tension, Removes fatigue from physical exertion, Improves health and beauty - Keeps you young, Maintains correct metabolism, Increases work efficiency, Increases vital energy for your ambitious goals. Multi-messager is a handy aid, and easy to operate.
1. Small Comb-Shaped Attachment: This is a general-purpose massager for flat and smoothly curved muscles of the body such as chest, abdomen, waist, back, hips, thighs, biceps, etc. It is flat and rhythmic. Vibration soothes muscle pain by stimulating blood circulation.
2. The Multi Massager is shaped in such a way that it facilitates massage of the scalp and other parts of the body. Regular massage of the scalp removes all the tension of the mind and promotes hair growth.
 3. Round Hoist Tool: This is an attachment for holding four auxiliary special purpose attachments. This tool is used for massage only.
4. Round Ring Shaped: It is designed to provide relief to stiff joints, rheumatic knees and ankles.
5. RED COLOR DEVICE WITH ROLLER: The attachment is designed to facilitate massage of the spine and muscles aligned along its length.
6. Semicircular attachment: This is an important hemispherical attachment which is specially shaped to massage the medullary region of the head. It was tested in some factories in Japan. The employees of these factories were requested to do this massage daily for 5 minutes before starting their work.
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