Acupressure Sujok Point Finder -Detector - Tester AC-1206/3
Acupressure Sujok Point Finder -Detector - Tester AC-1206/3
Ayurveda Aushadhi

Acupressure Sujok Point Finder -Detector - Tester AC-1206/3

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Acupressure Sujok Point Finder -Detector - Tester AC-1206/3


Sujok Point Detector is a new device developed by us, it works like a tester, the acupressure located in our hands helps to find Sujok weak points (Week Points), by this we can find the points of those parts of the body. who is weak.
Method of using it: - On this point detector, put the point of the point detector in the patient's hand by placing the thumb over the metal sphere point. And slowly rotate it in the hand. This light will continue to be on in the whole hand. But the point which is weak, it will turn off or the light will start looking weak. Apply pressure (therapy) to the point where your light seems to be dim. To give pressure, you do treatment by acupressure, Sujok, Magnetic, TENS therapy. It has a battery that lasts for about a year (small cells). The battery can be easily replaced.
  These principles for the discovery of healing points, mainly in the body and its associated systems, when an organ or part of the body affected by illness or disease sends a "signal (information) wave" to the main point due to an interruption in its functioning, So there is a sensation in his hand/feet, this sensation and information indicates that there is some problem in this organ and the functioning of that organ slows down which are highly resistant. When we use Sujok Electro Point Detector to detect these points of illness, we get information from this number of the victim. The Sujok Electro Point Detector is a very effectively small and convenient device that is safe and simple to use. It can be used by anyone for self or for self-healing, even if they have no experience or special training in the therapy concerned. Sujok Electro Point Detector can detect diseases/diseases from highly active points related to all organs and parts of the body for related ailments.


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