Adrak / Ginger Essential Oil 10 ml
Adrak / Ginger Essential Oil 10 ml
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Adrak / Ginger Essential Oil 10 ml

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Ginger Essential Oil
Made from the fresh rhizomes of Ginger, the Ginger Essential Oil has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for a very long time. The rhizomes are considered to be the roots but they are the stems from which the roots come out. Ginger belongs to the same species of plants that cardamom and turmeric come from. When diffusing organic ginger root essential oil blend in an diffuser gives an aroma that is somewhat similar to these plants as well.
It also expedites the wound Healing Process by preventing the further growth of infection. Apart from that, Ginger Root Oil has several other medicinal benefits due to which manufacturers of Cosmetics and Skincare products use it on a wide scale.

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