Baidyanath Amoebica 50 Tablets
Baidyanath Amoebica 50 Tablets
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Baidyanath Amoebica 50 Tablets

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Baidyanath Amoebica 50 Tablets


Amoebica Tablet is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine manufactured by Baidyanath Pharmaceuticals after years of research. It is an effective remedy for amoebiasis. Baidyanath Amoebica Tablet is not known for any side effects It is useful in chronic amoebic dysentery. Baidyanath Amoebica Tablets helps in Diarrhoea. It also gives relief from haemorrhagic dysentery 

Ingredients of Amoebica Tablet:

  • Kutaja [Holarrhena antidysentrica]
  • Ativisha [Aconitum heterophylum] – Ativisha- Aconitum heterophyllum is an Ayurvedic herb, especially used in diseases of children. Charaka has declared – Of all the herbs having digestive, carminative, absorbent and Tridosha balancing properties, Ativisha is the best.
  • Katuki churna [Picrorrhiza kurroa]
  • Bilva majja [Aegle marmelos] – Bael fruit-Bael tree is known as Bilva in Sanskrit. It is an ancient Ayurvedic tree with spiritual and medicinal importance. It is extensively described in Indian literature, since Vedic period. It is one among Dashamoola herbs (Group of ten roots).
  • Khus [Vetiveria zizanioides]-Vetiver is a coolant, but yet aids in digestion. It is widely used in treating fever, dysuria, burning sensation, fatigue syndrome, skin disorders etc. Potable water prepared with this also has many health benefits.
  • Musta [Cyperus rotendus]

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