Unani Hamdard Diabeat Capsules 60 Capsuls

Unani Hamdard Diabeat Capsules 60 Capsuls

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Hamdard Diabeat Capsules

Hamdard Diabeat Capsules is an unique Unani, all natural multi herb formulation that helps provide long lasting and optimum control of blood sugar levels. Diabeat stimulates the pancreas to enhance the Beta cells secretion, improves secondary utilization of glucose and minimizes the absorption of glucose from the intestine. Diabeat helps to take care of problems such as frequent urination and also helps to prevent the complications associated with unhealthy sugar levels like skin infection, retinopathy and nephropathy.

Indications of Hamdard Diabeat Capsules

  • Diabetes type II

Ingredients of Hamdard Diabeat Capsules

  • Tukhm-e-kalonji (Nigella sativa)
  • Tukhm-e-Methi (Trigonella foenum graecum)
  • Tukhm-e-Kasni (Cichorium intybus)
  • Neeb (Azadirachta indica)

Dosage of Hamdard Diabeat Capsules

  • Two Capsules in the morning and evening with water, 1 hour before meal as directed by physician.
  • Diabetes Patients should use diabeat regularly to get the maximum benefit from it. 
  • They should monitor blood glucose levels on a periodic basis.

Precautions of Hamdard Diabeat Capsules

  • Keep away from children's reach.
  • Self medication is not recommended. 
  • Store in dry and cool place.
  • Close medicine cap tightly after every use.
  • Keep medicine in original package and container.

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