Unjha Bolbaddha Ras 10gm
Unjha Bolbaddha Ras 10gm
Unjha Bolbaddha Ras 10gm
Ayurveda Aushadhi

Unjha Bolbaddha Ras 10gm

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Bolbaddha Ras

Bolbaddha Ras has Tridosha Shamak properties. It balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It has also and Deepana and Pachana properties. Due to these properties this medicine normalizes the vitiated Doshas and contributes in treatment of disease.

  • Bleeding Piles
  • Hematemesis (vomiting of blood)
  • Epistaxis(nose bleed) Nakseer
  • Menorrhagia(abnormally heavy bleeding at menstruation)
  • Dysfunctional, Uterine Bleeding

Dosage of Bolbaddha Ras

1 to 2 tablets  in the morning and evening with butter or honey or as directed by the physician. 

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