Zandu Trishun 12 Tablet
Zandu Trishun 12 Tablet
Zandu Trishun 12 Tablet
Ayurveda Aushadhi

Zandu Trishun 12 Tablet

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Zandu Trishun Tablet Zandu Trishun helps strengthen the immunity of the body. It also plays a vital role in fighting common cold keeping you healthy And strong.

Key Ingredients:
  • Sudershan Churna
  • Tribhuvan Kirti Rasa

Key Benefits:
  • It has benefits of Sudershan Churna and Tribhuvan Kirti Rasa
  • It also helps relieve pain, and fever and contains piper longun to enhance immunity

Directions For Use:
  • One tablet Twice a day taken with warm water, tea or coffee

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